Ariana Rogers 

Ariana began practicing yoga in 2014. She was amazed at how challenging it was and she found a love for the physical work. She continued to practice for the physical benefits and realized she didn't really understand how to connect the mind and body. She found herself distracted by the “to do” list running through her mind. Through friends, she was introduced to different styles of yoga and  eventually found Bikram Yoga. Throughout the 26 postures, she started to notice that she was becoming more aware of her breath and that she was creating that mind body connection. After experiencing hardship in her life, she was finally able to find peace through her breath and her progress. One day she arrived at the studio realizing she had mixed up the time for the yoga class so she decided to stay and take the Inferno Hot Pilates class. It was that day and that class that she finally found what it was that she was looking for - healing through positive energy and good vibrations. In September 2019 she completed LEVEL 1 IHP training with Gabriella Walters. Ariana is currently in yoga teacher training at Hot Yoga Cape Cod learning to teach the same series that taught her how to create mind body connection.


“I am grateful for the universe for guiding me through my journey, and I am thankful for everyone I encounter along the way. “


“My goal in teaching is to radiate positivity and act as a stepping stone for my students to better themselves from within and find peace, love and happiness.”

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