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26+2 Yoga Class

26+2 is a set series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced in a room heated to 105 degrees with 40% humidity. The sequence of postures is specifically designed to work every muscle, joint, and ligament in the body while also addressing every gland, organ, and body system. The Hot Yoga class is a powerful tool for creating wellness, physical fitness, mental clarity, and good health.      

Here at Hot Yoga Cape Cod, we are proud to offer the traditional 90-minute 26+2 Yoga class as part of our core offerings. The universal healing and therapeutic benefits of this practice are what have made this practice world famous. Practitioners can expect to lose weight, get fit, look younger, sleep better, heal chronic injuries, relieve back pain, stress less, and feel better with consistent practice. We are excited for you to experience the many benefits of yoga. 

This system is accessible to practitioners of all shapes, sizes, and abilities. This class is practiced by both men and women and is practiced by high-caliber sports athletes.  All of the postures that comprise the 26+2 Yoga class are accessible to all people including people with limited mobility, chronic pain, physical injury, and even those who have difficulty walking. If you have a spine, you can take this class!

Classes are taught by experienced teachers who have taken teacher trainings specific to this Yoga tradition. Our teachers are trained to help each student approach the postures with the correct technique. Each class consists of detailed verbal instructions – we will talk you through each breathing exercise and yoga posture! With consistency of practice, practitioners will become more adept at the postures, gain confidence in their abilities, and will experience a better quality of life outside of the Yoga room.

Ready to take your first 26+2 Yoga class? Perfect! All classes at Hot Yoga Cape Cod are open to beginners. Grab your yoga mat and join us for any class on the schedule. Head here to learn more about getting started.

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