Juliet Burch 

With my roots in South Africa, contemporary dance was my life from a young girl till I left at 19 to travel the world. I stepped into my first yoga class at a community center in London and left feeling curious and interested in this Eastern Philosophy. 

It wasn’t until I came to the States several years later when I took my first Power Yoga class with Bryan Kest in LA. I was instantly inspired by the energy in the room and how my mind and heart felt that day. It sparked this inquiry into myself and I felt really good, returning to his classes for the time I was there. 

The journey continued when I moved to Maui, Hawaii and was introduced to my first Bikram class which instantly had my full attention. I enjoyed the intensity and the discipline for about 4 years until my life took a turn and I headed back for South Africa.


 I immersed myself in a Hatha Yoga teacher Training in South Africa  and began teaching and studying more of the philosophy of yoga. I was slowly introduced to Ashtanga Yoga which demanded consistency and discipline. Fast forwarding to the present after 2 children my life seemed demanding and a knee and neck injury set me back from my regular home practice. This was a good lesson for me to slow down and a practice patience and letting go of control. These injuries were a gift not a curse and I had to change my mindset. I jumped into a Bikram class again and started my therapy back to feeling more relaxed and present. 


At the end of the day the Yoga for me is tuning in and being receptive to the stress of everyday life. It is a lifetime management system that gives me the tools to live with more freedom in my body and mind. As a teacher I am passionate about sharing the gift of  living the most authentic life,  not taking things too seriously and allow the yoga to move through you and into the world.

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