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Hot Pilates











Hot Pilates is a chal­leng­ing, full-body, low-impact 60-minute work­out that combines classic High Intensity Interval Training with Pilates prin­ci­ples. This combination creates a workout unlike anything else! Designed for all fitness levels, Hot Pilates helps to tone, strengthen, and build lean muscle without overloading your joints. Held in a room heated to 95 degrees, the class is set to fast-paced music which makes it fun and energizing. Plus, our upbeat instructors keep you motivated and focused while you move.

The pace and structure of the class keeps your heart rate up which helps you burn fat (that is the HIIT element). The Pilates movements of the class help you build core-strength and lean muscle mass. The heat of the room in combination with the intensity of the movements helps elevate your heartrate and promotes fat burn long after the class is over. With consistency of practice you will absolutely see results quickly!


Do you regularly practice 26+2 Yoga? Hot Pilates is the perfect complement to your regular Bikram Yoga practice. This class will help you build strength and stamina in a whole new way.


Never taken a Yoga, Pilates, or movement class before? No problem! This class is perfect for beginners and scalable for all fitness levels. You’ll move, tone, and leave class feeling energized and motivated. Head here to learn more about getting started.


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