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Enerjoy Radiant Heat

The safest, healthiest, and greenest way to heat a hot yoga studio.

Hot yoga studios worldwide are heated with Enerjoy radiant heat. The unique requirement of 105°F/42°C is easily attained with long wave Enerjoy Radiant Panels - without any noise, dust, air movement or temperature fluctuations associated with other forms of heat.

The health benefits and relaxation experienced in the non-allergenic, far infrared heated environment Enerjoy provides is a hallmark of the Enerjoy Hot Yoga environmental design experience. Working very much like the sun, Enerjoy first heats room objects and then re-radiates that heat to warm the surrounding air. The air is not super heated or dried out, as with conventional forced air or hot water convective systems. The result is an evenly warmed zone, from floor to ceiling.

Safe, economical, environmental conditions are met that provide uniform conditions in the Yoga room without draft, stirring of dust, pollens, or germs, noise or odor. ENERJOY radiant heat is hypoallergenic.

Enerjoy Heat maintains uniform temperature wall to wall and ceiling to floor. Since radiant heat heats objects, there is no air to blow and no stratification of hot or cold air pockets. Once air is heated, it becomes lighter and rises. Then, as it cools down, it contributes to the cycle of cool drafts. Enerjoy heat requires less wattage and less BTUs than any other system making it the greenest way heat a Hot Yoga studio. 


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