Janet came to hot yoga looking for a new workout challenge.  She has been practicing 26+2, 5-7days per week, for 8 years now.   She finds that the practice resets her body and mind.  She craves the heat in the hot room and finds that each day her practice feels new, bringing her to new levels.  The 26 + 2 helps combat stress in her life and brings her back to a sense of calm.  There is always room for growth in her body and mind and that keeps her coming back.

Janet took her first Inferno Hot Pilates class approximately 3 years ago.  The class was definitely challenging!

Janet is from Littleton, MA.  She moved to the Cape two years ago.  Prior to becoming a mom, Janet worked as a Registered Nurse with a specialty in infection control.  Janet is married (for 33 years)and has devoted the last 22 years to raising their son. 

As Inferno Hot Pilates has made its way to the Cape she realized the benefits of the class.  She loves the heat, the energy, the intensity, the fun, and the way it makes her body feel.   Oh, and, of course,  for those of you who know her, the Whoot Whoot!! 


Janet decided to take the IHP teacher training and is so glad she did!!   It really has put a “skip in her step”!   She’s happy to keep learning and encouraging others to do their very best!


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