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Yoga - regardless of the type - offers many benefits. Yin Yoga is a great complement to any type of exercise or other active, “yang-like” types of yoga, like 26 + 2. Practicing yin will open your eyes - and your body - to an abundance of benefits on a physical, mental and energetic level. Just like a coin has two sides - so does yoga. Hence the “yin and yang” which is the concept of dualism in Ancient Chinese philosophy. Philosophy aside - here are our top three reasons why you should try yin yoga.


If your yoga practice or choice of exercise is active – think running, biking, hot yoga, or Inferno Hot Pilates – taking time for Yin Yoga will help you. All active types of exercise and even constant hot yoga can leave you with areas feeling tight. During Yin yoga you hold the poses for a prescribed length of time. This helps to melt tension and create space in the deep connective tissues of your body - specifically the fascia. The compression and release of the fascia helps lessen the feeling of tightness - thus leaving you feeling and moving better.


If your brain is firing away like the constant running headlines on the news or you feel like you have trouble relaxing, then yin is a great way to learn how to slow down. This can be very challenging; especially if you consider yourself a “Type A” personality; but it’s possible and your nervous system will thank you. Yin yoga encourages you to calm down and stimulates your parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for rest. When this part of our nervous system is ignored we are often led to feeling anxious and burnt-out. Yin is a way to balance out our energies and nervous system.

3.) YOU WILL TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF (our favorite reason)

If you want to achieve and maintain good health it’s going to take more than raising your heart rate and eating your vegetables. That is yesterday’s approach. What we know now is that health is a complex relationship between your body and your mind. Practicing yin yoga helps you find stillness amidst whatever experience you are having - good, bad, or indifferent. It is a practice of mindfulness, allowing your nervous system rest while also strengthening and opening up the deep connective tissues within. Yin is most definitely in.

Hope to see you on your mat soon!

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