I’m Stephanie Lombard-Foster and I’m here to do my part to change the world starting with my own well being.  I believe when we are healthy inside our bodies and spirits that this state of being exudes outside of us.  As others take notice of this positive energy and make their own personal shift, a ripple effect is created and like the soft undulating folds of a water from a pebble thrown into a pond this movement keeps building off the momentum of the other.  As I am living a healthier and happier lifestyle, I watch in gratitude this expansive process in action as it flows out in waves to my family and friends and their families and friends and so on and so on and so on...

Trust me when I say I haven’t always had this mindset.  While in the midst of working in an unhealthy, off the charts crazy job and heading for an anxiety/ depression filled life, I decided enough was enough and took control of my life back.  I believed there was a direct connection between the body, mind and spirit and so began on a journey of learning all that I could that would support and validate this whole health that I desired.

My initial step was to see a holistic health coach.  With the guidance of my coach I began experimenting with new foods and listening to my body’s responses and have since made a permanent shift in the way I nourish my body and soul.  Not only did my physical health improve but also my mental health too.  As I put into practice that which I was learning from my coach, my family began to take notice and began making their own changes in their lives.  As we began to improve as individuals the quality of our family as a whole began to improve as well.  I was so impressed by our results and felt this was something I wanted to learn about and share with others that I got certified as a holistic health coach myself.

As I began to make shifts in my diet and lifestyle, I started to feel better but still somewhat out of balance so I went to see a reiki master.  Along with becoming more relaxed and focused, I began to turn more inward and became more centered.  I started making time to do the things that made me feel happy again and in the process of making time for me, my relationships flourished even more.  Reiki had such a positive impact on my life, I felt like this was something I wanted to learn about and share with others, so I became a reiki master myself.

On the advice of my health coach, reiki master and constantly complaining knees, I reluctantly gave up my running sneakers for a yoga mat.  I started with Bikram and it was  love at first class.  I started to gain better control of my thoughts and body and consequently my mental and physical health began to improve on a whole other level.  As I began to deepen my practice I opened myself to other styles of yoga and forms of exercise.  Here I was introduced to inferno hot pilates and I immediately knew this was for me.  I found the high intensity that I was missing from running without the impact on my joints and of course the awesome music. I was so impressed by the effect yoga had in my life and felt like this was something I wanted to learn about and share with others that I traveled to Bali and became a yoga instructor myself.  Shortly there after I traveled to NYC and became a pilates instructor too.

So here I am armed with tools that I have studied, learned, practiced and used over the course of years of trials and errors.  Skills that have helped me heal and grow emotionally, physically and spiritually.  I am at a place in my journey where I am ready to share my knowledge of body, mind and spirit with anyone whom this resonates with.  If this is you let’s meet up in the hot room and get after it!

feel Better...
Look Better...
live Better.