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Welcome to HOT YOGA CAPE CODReady to take your first class with us?  We've compiled some tips to help you prepare for class and to have the best experience possible. Beginners are always welcome.



Hydrate! In our Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates classes, you will sweat quite. Coming to class hydrated will allow you to have a better experience physically. Drink a few extra glasses of water on the days you know will be joining us for class.

Refrain from eating heavy meals 2-3 hours before the start of class. These classes are best practiced on an empty stomach. If you normally eat before a workout, go light! Grab yourself a smoothie, fruit, or something easily digestible.

Arrive 15 minutes prior to the start of class. Classes at Hot Yoga Cape Cod start promptly at the scheduled class time and the doors to our studio lock when class starts. Arriving early will give you plenty of time to ask questions at the front desk, get acquainted with the layout of the studio, and get settled in the Yoga room.

Take the pressure off yourself. Your goal for your first class is to do your best and take care of yourself. You can sit down and take breaks as often as you need to accomplish this goal. After a handful of classes, you will be surprised at how much you are able to accomplish in the Yoga room and how good you feel outside of class.




A yoga mat, a large towel to put over your Yoga mat, a bottle of water, and an open mind. If it is your first Hot Yoga or Hot Pilates Class (or simply your first time practicing in a heated room), keep in mind that many of the things happening in the room will be new to you. We do not expect you to be proficient at everything in the beginning. With consistency of practice, the movements of the class will improve and you will naturally obtain a better grasp of what is occurring in the class. Practicing with an open mind is the best way to maximize your time here and to have a little bit of fun!

Heading to work, the beach, or somewhere fun after class? Bring a shower towel with you and a change of dry clothing! Both our men’s and women’s changing rooms are equipped with showers.  



Think beach! You will sweat. Choose items that you will be comfortable sweating in that will also allow you to move freely. Everyone has their own preference for what to wear while practicing. After your first class, you will have a much better idea of what will work best for you.

Ladies: sports bras, tank tops, shorts, capri pants.  Men: Running shorts, swim trunks.  




Rehydrate and replenish. Be sure to drink lots of good quality water after class.  If you are hungry, eat!

Be kind to yourself! The first class is always the hardest one as you don’t really know what to expect – everything is new to you. Our Hot Yoga and Hot Pilates classes follow a set sequence of movements which will allow you to improve quickly and see results faster. You will be surprised at how much better you feel upon completing your second class simply because you are somewhat familiar with the movements and the heat. If possible, come back and take your second class within 24 hours of the first for maximum benefits!

Come back soon! Practicing with us ten times within your first thirty days of practice will allow you to experience some of the many benefits that a heated practice can bring. You will move better, feel better, and feel more energized after only a handful of classes. Our Introductory Offer is designed to allow you to practice with us as often as possible during your first thirty days. Sign up here.

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