feel Better...
Look Better...
live Better.



To our community - 


I wish we could say some fancy, new cool thing is happening, but we all know this is not the case.


Making decisions like these are heavy. 


We are going to temporarily close beginning Monday March 16th.


 I want to tell you that we will reopen by a specific date but I cannot. 


 I can promise you that we will reopen as soon as possible.


Thank you for your patience to those of you who have reached out with questions. I see your emails and messages and we will take care of you.


We have practiced for times like these - the times of becoming comfortable with the uncomfortable. Now is the time to practice this at home. 


We are malleable beings and we will get through this.


Stay healthy - Emily

Change how you look, feel, be, and move.


Hot Yoga Cape Cod is a different kind of Yoga studio, fueled by community.

We believe that less is more and that simple things are the best things; that movement, and connection have the power to transform and heal. We’re here to help you connect with yourself and with others, so you can get better at living.

All are welcome.

"Saved my life"

Bikram Yoga saved my life. I discovered this studio when I was going through a painful divorce. The practice helped me blow out the negative energy and breathe in positivity and peace. Bikram taught me how to be strong again. I am forever grateful


-M. Dwyer

"Wonderful Teachers"


Wonderful teachers, fantastic, diverse, loving community of practitioners, a place/experience I always look forward to.

-G. Jucenas Callo Nolan

"Feel Better"

"I keep coming back because the yoga and the inferno hot pilates make me feel better both physically and mentally.  I honestly don't know what I would do without it."


-Bob Fusaro