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Meet your teachers

Hot Yoga Cape Cod has been serving the community for over ten years. During that time, we have curated a knowledgeable, experienced, and passionate staff. We encourage and support the continuing education of our staff and, as a result, most of our staff hold teaching certifications in multiple traditions. All of our Yoga and Hot Pilates teachers have experience working with students of all ages, abilities, and body types and are able to provide modifications when needed to help you maximize your time here. We look forward to meeting you and having you in class!

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Christian is a yoga instructor and the owner of Hot Yoga Cape Cod. He received his training from Bikram Choudhury in 2008, Emmy Cleaves in California, and Noah Maze in 2018. He teaches yoga because he finds it a fulfilling process of learning about himself and his students. Through helping students understand how to move their bodies, Christian learns more about human behavior and how to work with people effectively. He values the connections he makes with students through teaching and the opportunity it gives them to be themselves. In addition to teaching, Christian enjoys practicing yoga because it allows him to be fully present for 90 minutes at a time. He also loves the ocean, reading fiction, walking, art, and trying new types of cuisine. When he's not teaching or practicing yoga, you can find him swimming in the ocean, walking along the beach, or enjoying a good meal.

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Jill teaches 26+2 and Yin Yoga here at HYCC. She trained with Christian in 2020 and with Josh Summers for Yin also in 2020. Jill has practiced yoga since 2010. Jill teaches yoga because she has enjoyed many benefits from yoga in her life. She is a believer in the practice of sharing what she loves and what helps her. Practicing yoga provides stability, structure, and quiet one class at a time. The set progression of 26+2 gifts Jill the ability to be in the moment without feeling the need to look ahead or behind. Jill is excited to teach because it allows her to offer others space and opportunities to make a difference in their lives through movement, focus, trial and error, and patience. Each class she teaches also allows her to learn more about herself and how she can better connect and serve others. Everything we learn in yoga has value and can be applied to our everyday lives.


Jill loves living on Cape Cod with all the opportunities it offers for families, nature, art, food, history, and on (the list is endless). Outside of the studio, you can find Jill walking her dog on the beach almost every day. She is also happy to have returned to working with ceramics.

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Juliet is a 26+2 instructor and she completed her training with Christian in 2020. She has a colorful past of achievements starting at a young age. Juliet studied music, singing, and contemporary dance in South Africa. She was a member of a youth dance company from 1987 until 2000. When she’s not teaching hot yoga, Juliet has a large customer base as a massage therapist, which she has been practicing since 2000. Juliet has studied with a variety of yoga, dance, Pilates, and meditation teachers when she lived and volunteered at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.


The aspect of human connection and her love of movement motivates Juliet to teach each week. Practicing yoga gives Juliet the opportunity to see her patterns and keep her mind and body strong amidst life’s obstacles. She likes to show up to class with a sense of curiosity. For Juliet, getting on her mat is the time she devotes to her mental well-being. 


Outside the studio, Juliet loves music, dance, singing, photography, and theatre. She spends time running the trails in Nickerson State Park and swimming in kettle ponds and the ocean with her two kids and husband. She also loves her homeland South Africa, the beaches, the food, the people, the history, the amazing wildlife, and her family there and here that make her life meaningful.

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Laura, 26+2 instructor, completed Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in the fall of 2013 in Los Angeles. Additionally, she attended Inferno Hot Pilates training with Gabriella Walters in 2018, Hot 26+ training with Adi Westerman in February 2019, and Yin Yoga training with Josh Summers in the summer of 2019. You may find her happily subbing a Yin or Hot Pilates class once in a while. Teaching is a passion of Laura’s because she loves to witness our students evolve as both humans and practitioners as they learn more about themselves. Seeing everyone’s moods change from when they show up at the studio to when they leave after class will never get old for her! The relationships we build at the studio keep Laura coming back for more. Laura originally came to a hot yoga class in search of more community and joy, and she continues to find both these elements that add value to her life. For her, the mental benefits of practicing yoga far exceed the physical aspect and she still appreciates the respite of being away from the outside world (and her phone) when she’s on her mat.


Outside of the studio, you can find Laura walking the bogs, roasting up a chicken, reading a book she checked out from the library, or planning her next trip to Western Mass to be with her family and run around with her nephews.

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Elise is an instructor of 26+2, and she trained with Christian in 2021. Elise teaches because she believes this practice has the ability to heal the mind, and in doing so, improve the body along with it. She enjoys being in service to others as a means to connect and share her joy of movement. Developing a regular yoga routine has helped Elise become more loving and accepting of herself. The practice allows her to focus on presence, which creates a solid foundation for the rest of the day. Elise continues to teach because she values the powerful feelings that come from consistent practice, and believes that learning through others is the most formative means to furthering her own self-inquiry. 


Elise is passionate about somatics, improvisational dance, and movement in general. She also enjoys gardening, photography, and indie music. As a mother of three, she finds solace in woods walking and beach combing. A perfect day would include a coffee shop, dark chocolate, and a museum.

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Hillary is a Hot Pilates instructor, trained under the mentorship of Laura in January of 2023. She started her practice as a student of 26+2 yoga, and added in Hot Pilates in 2018. Hillary quickly learned that connecting her body with her mind provided her many health benefits and boosted her happiness. With her teaching, she strives to help others find these same after effects for themselves. Hillary knows that life gets busy, and she feels everyone deserves to have time for themselves on their mat- it makes the biggest difference in one’s outlook! She continues to practice yoga and Hot Pilates because the positive effects of class last long after she leaves the studio and help her show up better day to day for herself and the people she loves.


Outside of the studio, Hillary loves to explore new places with her fiance, cook dinners with her big family, snuggle up with her four dogs and big bunny, and spend as much time by the water as she possibly can.



Karen is a 26+2 instructor, with E-RYT 300 certification and a Master's in Health Arts and Sciences. She completed her Hot Yoga Training in 2016 with Kelly Mara, continued mentorship under Christian, and stays engaged through workshops with various yoga and meditation teachers. A former Addiction Counselor, Karen is drawn to the process of transformation and healing. Teaching yoga has allowed Karen to share her experience of the transformational power of the practice with individuals and within communities. Yoga and meditation have long been the foundation of her own journey of self-recovery and spiritual development. Outside of the studio, Karen loves to hike trails with her pack, camp and wander with her partner, and pray through living a life of gratitude and hope. Yoga is an integral part of her way of being.





Jessica brings Buti Yoga and Nia Dance to our HYCC community. She earned her Nia White Belt in 2003 and now holds a First Degree Black Belt. She studied Buti Yoga with Emily Gonzalez in 2022 and has been practicing this style of yoga since 2018. Jessica loves to teach for the absolute joy of movement. Teaching Buti Yoga allows her to follow her instincts, hone her intuition, and she invites others to do the same during each class she leads. Teaching is a part of Jessica's career as a Life Coach and Music Teacher. She gets children excited about music and helps adults recover their youth—all ends of the spectrum. Jessica credits her teaching accomplishments to her twenty-year journey with Nia Dance. Nia’s first principle is the Joy of Movement and that always keeps her coming back to her practice and wanting to share this experience with others.

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